Errecom ER-TR1003.01.S1 Brilliant Dye 250ml Bottle

ERRECOM UV dye (Contrast) capacity: 250ML for checking the tightness of the air conditioning system.

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ERRECOM UV contrast solution (contrast): 250ML for checking the tightness of the air conditioning system (for R12, R134a, R1234 vehicles, as well as for hybrid and electric vehicles).

Brilliant is added to the A / C refrigerant cycle and will glow in the presence of UV light at the point of leaks.


BRILLIANT has to be introduced in the vehicle A/C system; at the leak point the product will get out and stand out when lit by a UV lamp.


  • Precisely locates Freon leaks
  • Does not contain solvents
  • Meets SAE J2297 and SAE J2298 requirements
  • Visible when using an ultraviolet lamp
  • Ideal for preventive purposes
  • Does not clog the air conditioner, refrigeration unit or freon recovery station
  • Comes with information stickers.


1 x 250 ml bottle.


Brand: Errecom
Part Number: ER-TR1003.01.S1
Volume: 250 ml.

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