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Bluvac+ Lte Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge NZ


The BluVac+ family of digital vacuum gauges, manufactured by AccuTools, uses technology to bring you the accuracy of a scientific gauge in a field-ready tool. They outperform all others and are a solution to problems previously encountered with other micron gauges that have sub-par accuracy, loss of calibration or potentially having an oil contaminated gauge. 

AccuTools listened to technicians who use similar products in the field and one of the main barriers of maintaining correct testing equipment was the cost of calibration for vacuum gauges. With this in mind AccuTools engineers designed the BluVac range with a patented technology which allows the end user to perform both the calibration test in the field, and the calibration of the product at home. It’s a unique feature not available on any other product like it in the world. 

 The next thing the engineers focused on was why so many vacuum gauges needed replacement sensors, and often it is because oil refrigeration oil fouling the sensor. Eventually engineers created a test for oil on the sensor and then they designed the sensor in such a way that any end user can clean it in the field. Now not only will the product last you many years, so will the sensor and you will never need to incur the expenses of having it calibrated. This really is a tool designed with professionals in mind.

If your after a small device thats easy to carry and use then the BluVac+ Micro is right for you. It works with any smartphone and has high accuracy results. It is one of the smallest on the planet as well as budget friendly. For slightly less you can also get the µBluVac (Pronouced Micro BluVac) without bluetooth but the same easy to use functionality. Either Way the BluVac range is unbeatable value. 

The BluVac LTE digital vacuum gauge is a powerful diagnostic application with leak rate indication, full reporting capability with geo-tagging. BluVac LTE comes complete with a threaded hook to hang if needed and a handy vacuum coupler set on a 45 degree angle. The device has a built in indicator that will prompt you to clean it if overtime the vacuum gauge became saturated in oil. 

Reigning supreme is the BluVac+ Pro, using a diagnostic application to streamline the evacuation process, automated workflow by remote programming the gauge ensures results are consistent, sensor technology allowing for field calibration and leak rate indication to help identify moisture or vacuum leaks. 

Pair any of the BluVac+ vacuum gauges with the powerful BluVac app for an improved evacuation experience. Fully understand characteristics of the system, identify issues with moisture or leaks and document the entire process for powerful reporting features not found in any other vacuum application. With proper evacuation, systems will run better, last longer and experience fewer problems. 

Every HVAC/R professional has dreaded the cost of a replacement micron gauge sensor, or the cost of calibration. Now you can avoid both of these expenses with the latest AccuTools range. 

These gauges will increase your productivity and will never have you second guessing your work or questioning your tools. 

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