Uni-T UT347A Leeb Hardness Tester

Suitable for field hardness testing of large equipment such as roller turboshaft, pressure vessel and turbine set.

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UT347A Leeb Hardness Tester is accurate and portable in size. It supports thermal printing and is especially suitable for field hardness testing of large equipment such as roller turboshafts, pressure vessel and turbine set. Widely used in petrochemical, electric power, automobile, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other industries.


  • 6 kinds of hardness values (HL, HB, HRC, HRB, HV, HS) is a real-time measurement
  • One hardness tester can be equipped with 7 different impact devices
  • Automatic identification without calibration when replacing impact device
  • Statistical, multi-unit, line chart, histogram 4 measurement modes
  •  Camera: 640×480 pixels (900 BMP format pictures could be stored)
  • Automatic alarm when the upper and lower limits are exceeded
  • Adjustable backlight brightness
  • Mobile phone Bluetooth APP and PC software analysis data
  • Support thermal printing
  • Tri-color LED indication and LED flashlight.

1 x  UT347A, 1 x English manual and 12-month warranty


Functions Impact device type Standard Richter block hardness value Resolution Error value Indication repeatability instructions
Hardness measurement D 790±40HLD 1HLD ±6HLD 6HLD Standard hardness blocks: 1. Standard D-type Richter hardness blocks A grade uniformity ±1HLD; 2. Standard G Type Richter Hardness blocks, grade A uniformity ±1HLG;
530±40HLD ±10HLD 10HLD
530±40HLDC ±10HLDC 10HLDC
D+15 795±40HLD+15 1HLD+15 ±12HLD+15 12HLD+15
G 590±40HLG 1HLG ±12HLG 12HLG
E 755±40HLE 1HLE ±12HLE 12HLE
C 851±40HLC 1HLC ±12HLC 12HLC
Certificates CE (In processing), UKCA
Display screen 2.8-inch 320*240 graphic dot matrix colour TFT screen.
Material selection Steel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, forged steel, cast aluminium alloy, copper-zinc alloy, copper-tin alloy, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, pure copper; Select the appropriate material for measurement.
Hardness scale  HL, HB,  HRC,  HRB,  HV, HS
Strength σb(tensile strength)
Impact direction 0°、45°、90°、135°、180°A total of 5 impact directions
Measurement mode Statistical, multi-unit, line chart, histogram
Statistical measure Max/Min/Avg
Thermal printing 57mm width thermal printing paper
Data storage 900groups
Voice prompt
Bluetooth APP function
USB Communication
PC analysis software
Auto power off Can be set: 1/ 5 / 10 /30 minutes or cancel
Low battery indication
External power source Power adapter requirements: DC5V 2A Type-c connector.
Charging time About:2~4h
Battery 3.7V 2500mAh polymer rechargeable lithium battery.
Drop test 1m



Uni-T UT347A Leeb Hardness Tester English Manual

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