High -performing, also equipped with airtight oil bottlesfully automatic service management, scale locking/unlocking device and refrigerant weight accuracy check. Its more than ten years’ leadership in the vehicle A/C service and recharge field has allowed TEXA to obtain the approval and recommendation by the major vehicle manufacturers worldwide. From the same experience, TEXA has given birth to KONFORT TOUCH, a range of charging stations characterized by exceptional manufacturing quality, designed for all the A/C service operations on vehicles that use refrigerant R134a and R1234yf. In a simple, quick, smart way, and with the utmost ease of use.

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KONFORT TOUCH Series: Exceptional A/C Charging Stations

Elevate your vehicle A/C service operations with the KONFORT TOUCH series by TEXA, renowned for over a decade in the automotive industry. Offering unrivaled manufacturing quality, these charging stations are designed for vehicles using refrigerants R134a and R1234yf, ensuring simplicity, speed, and smart functionality in every operation.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • High Performance: Equipped with airtight oil bottles and fully automatic service management for superior results.
  • Scale Locking/Unlocking Device: Ensures precise refrigerant weight accuracy checks, enhancing overall service quality.
  • Multi-Touch Screen Display: The 10-inch color display provides excellent usability, offering a clear view of all operations with an intuitive user interface.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Enables versatile connection modes for activities like printing A4 format reports, receiving real-time software updates, and connecting to the myTEXA portal.
  • Bluetooth Module: Connects with accessories like the A/C efficiency kit, expanding the station’s capabilities.
  • USB Port: Allows convenient backup of service reports and system data, facilitating software updates in non-Wi-Fi-equipped workshops.
  • Built-in Thermal Printer: Instantly generates detailed operation reports, providing tangible documentation of service tasks.
  • A4 Format Printing: In addition to the thermal printer, the stations support printing reports via Wi-Fi in A4 format using any connected printer.

Exceptional Usability and Connectivity: The KONFORT TOUCH series combines cutting-edge features with a user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for automotive professionals. Stay ahead with TEXA’s legacy of excellence in A/C service and recharge.


  • KONFORT TOUCH Charging Station
  • Airtight Oil Bottles
  • Scale Locking/Unlocking Device
  • Bluetooth Module
  • USB Port
  • Thermal Printer
  • R134a and R1234yf compatible
  • Compatible CAR and TRUCK
  • BUS compatible (only Konfort 760 Touch Bus)
  • Fully automatic service management
  • Automatic leak detection
  • Refrigerant quantity measurement with electronic scales
  • Air Tight Bottle oil anti-contamination system (patent pending)
  • Automatic oil management with electronic scales
  • Recovered oil quantity measurement with electronic scales
  • Hybrid vehicle compatible
  • Automatic service management (DATABASE
  • Customised service management
  • FPS security system (Fan Protection System)
  • Flushing system for oil change
  • Printout of completed services via Wi-Fi
  • 10” touchscreen display
  • Compatibility with KONFORT APP
  • 20 kg tank for Konfort 760 Touch
  • 30 kg tank for Konfort 760 Touch Bus
  • Charging accuracy +/- 15 g
  • High efficiency refrigerant recovery (over 95%)
  • Two-stage vacuum pump
  • Automatic oil bottle recognition (patent pending)
  • Scales locking system
  • Operating mode: DATABASE
  • Operating mode: CUSTOMISED SERVICE
  • Operating mode: MY DATABASE
  • Multi-language software
  • Automatic service hose length compensation
  • Automatic maintenance alarm
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Automatic management of non-condensable gases
  • Remote assistance
  • Automatic, high-precision oil injection
  • Automatic updates

OPTIONAL: Refrigerant identifier kit, Thermal printer, Flushing kit, A/C system efficiency kit, Leak detection kit with Forming Gas


KONFORT 760 TOUCH for R134a: Experience unparalleled performance in A/C service operations with the KONFORT 760 TOUCH designed specifically for R134a refrigerant. This variant ensures precision, efficiency, and ease of use for optimal results in vehicle A/C maintenance.

KONFORT 760 TOUCH for R1234yf: Elevate your A/C service capabilities with the KONFORT 760 TOUCH configured for R1234yf refrigerant. Boasting cutting-edge features, this variant provides a seamless and efficient solution for vehicles equipped with the latest refrigerant technology.

KONFORT 760 TOUCH RID for R134a: Tailored for advanced service requirements, the KONFORT 760 TOUCH RID for R134a offers an integrated Refrigerant Identifier (RID). Ensure the purity of refrigerant while benefiting from the exceptional features of the KONFORT 760 series.

KONFORT 760 TOUCH RID for R1234yf: Combine the benefits of refrigerant identification with superior A/C service functionality using the KONFORT 760 TOUCH RID designed for R1234yf. Stay ahead in service precision with TEXA’s innovative technology.

KONFORT 760 BUS TOUCH for R134a: Address the unique demands of bus A/C systems with the KONFORT 760 BUS TOUCH optimized for R134a refrigerant. Deliver top-notch service with ease, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of bus air conditioning.

KONFORT 760 BUS TOUCH for R1234yf: Extend your service capabilities to modern bus fleets equipped with R1234yf refrigerant using the KONFORT 760 BUS TOUCH. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, this variant ensures optimal A/C performance in bus applications.

KONFORT 760 BUS TOUCH RID for R134a: Experience advanced bus A/C service with refrigerant identification capabilities using the KONFORT 760 BUS TOUCH RID for R134a. Offering comprehensive features, this variant is the go-to solution for precision service in bus air conditioning.

KONFORT 760 BUS TOUCH RID for R1234yf: Combine refrigerant identification technology with efficient bus A/C service using the KONFORT 760 BUS TOUCH RID for R1234yf. TEXA’s innovative design ensures exceptional service for the latest refrigerant systems in bus applications.


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