This innovative recharge station stands out from the competition for its exceptional characteristics.
It incorporates a Dehydrator Filter that lets you perform up to 300 recharges, a scales locking system to avoid loss of calibration between operations, and an intuitive alphanumeric keyboard that is far easier to use than the classic cursor type interface.
Other important features of the KONFORT 707 Touch are its convenient height and its 4 castoring wheels, designed to let you perform all tasks with ease. The KONFORT 707 Touch also records the services it performs and can provide details of all past maintenance operations.

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Introducing the KONFORT 707 TOUCH, your go-to solution for interventions with R1234yf gas. Essential and remarkably easy to use, this advanced station boasts a dehydrating filter for up to 300 maintenance services, a scale locking system, alphanumeric keyboard, 4 pivoting wheels, and detailed service recording.

Main Features:

  • Designed for R1234yf gas
  • Dehydrating filter for up to 300 maintenance services
  • Scale locking system for precision
  • Alphanumeric keyboard for user-friendly operation
  • 4 pivoting wheels for enhanced mobility
  • Service recording with detailed maintenance data

Smart Connectivity: Experience practicality with Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling activities like printing A4 format reports, real-time software updates, remote technical assistance, and connection to the myTEXA portal. Bluetooth connectivity allows for accessory connection, including the air conditioning efficiency kit.

KONFORT APP: Monitor maintenance and charging procedures remotely with the dedicated APP compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Receive notifications of anomalies and completion of services, while easily managing past services even when the station is turned off.

Optional Accessories: Enhance functionality with optional accessories:

  • FLUSHING KIT: Cleans vehicle A/C system pipes efficiently.
  • AIR CONDITIONING EFFICIENCY KIT: Dynamically controls temperature and provides detailed performance reports.
  • GAS FORMING KIT: Identifies and resolves gas leaks promptly.
  • REFRIGERANT IDENTIFIER KIT: Identifies refrigerant type and checks purity within a minute.
  • REC+: Safely evacuates refrigerant, meeting industry standards and allowing up to 95% recovery.
  • THERMAL PRINTER: Installs a functional thermal printer for precise operation reports.


  1. KONFORT 707 TOUCH: Versatile Precision for R1234yf The KONFORT 707 TOUCH is your essential solution for R1234yf interventions. With a user-friendly design, this station offers an alphanumeric keyboard, dehydrating filter for 300 maintenance services, and 4 pivoting wheels for mobility. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity ensure seamless operations, while optional accessories like the Flushing Kit and Refrigerant Identifier Kit enhance its versatility.
  2. KONFORT 707 TOUCH RID: Advanced Performance for R1234yf Elevate your A/C charging experience with the KONFORT 707 TOUCH RID, tailored for R1234yf. This model features all the benefits of the standard version with the added capability of connecting with the Refrigerant Identifier Kit for precise identification and checking of refrigerant purity. Ensure top-tier service with advanced connectivity and diagnostic features.
  3. KONFORT 707 TOUCH OFF ROAD: Robust Efficiency Anywhere Take your A/C maintenance off the beaten path with the KONFORT 707 TOUCH OFF ROAD. Specifically designed for rugged terrains, this model comes equipped with two oversized rear wheels filled with anti-puncture foam, ensuring stability on uneven surfaces. The scale locking system prevents calibration loss during sudden movements, making it the ideal choice for outdoor use. Enjoy the same advanced features as the standard version with added durability for off-road applications.


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