For most HVAC/R professionals they will only carry one refrigerant recovery unit and if they choose carefully, that product should last them between 5-10 years, so it is worth doing some basic research first.

With the move to flammable refrigerants, what needs to be considered is factors depending on who will be using it which include weight, recovery speeds of various refrigerants, fan cooling, size, low pressure over-ride, safety features and factory warranties.

The JAVAC XTR range is one of Australia’s most popular refrigerant recovery products. Originally the XTR range started in 2001 combining fast recovery with a fan powered condenser. This design was quickly received within the HVAC/R community and was originally produced for several other brands in the industry including INFICON and JAVAC UK. Still to this day the majority of the XTR range are manufactured in Melbourne Australia.

Standard features across the range include enclosed HP and LP gauges, down facing ¼ SAE fittings, liquid and vapour recovery, fan cooling, cool to touch safety, and oil free compressors. All these features make JAVAC leaders in refrigerant recovery.

The entry level XTR Ultra is specifically designed for users who require a lightweight recovery option  for standard refrigerants including R22 R134A and R410A. Weighing only 8.5 KG it is designed for technicians on the go who need a reliable fan cooled recovery unit with basic features. Many users of the XTR Ultra are surprised by it’s 18kg an hour recovery rate of R410A / R22 vapour that the fan cooled condenser allows.

The lightweight XTR Ultra has increased the affordability of the XTR range while living up to its reputation as a heavy-duty work horse for recovery of a wide range of refrigerants available today.

The XTR Pro was recently upgraded to include R32 compliance for spark proof refrigerants in their field. The XTR Pro is a truly durable and heavy-duty recovery unit with a quieter AC compressor with high recovery capacity and capabilities for both R410A and R32. Weighing 13 KGs, this is not a lightweight unit and features a high torque AC motor, provides up to 50% noise reduction, increased vapour speed ensuring the residual vapour moves faster and delivers your results quicker.

The XTR Pro includes a comprehensive built in manifold analyser that puts control in your hands for vapour, liquid or combined recovery and with fully automatic pressure regulation, you don’t need to “tweak” for optimum performance, it’s fail-safe! Purge, self-cleaning, is ‘on the fly’, no need to shut down. For anyone serious about universal refrigerant recovery the XTR Pro offers many safety and user features rarely found on recovery units in the market all in one package.

The only thing more you could need is faster recovery and the XTR Altima delivers.

The XTR Altima is the same size as it’s sibling, the XTR Pro, but with a V-Twin compressor and an extended two-year warranty, the like the XTR Pro is designed and manufactured to high quality in Melbourne Australia.

The recovery times of the XTR Altima doubles that of the XTR Pro which is serious recovery.  The XTR Altima is ideal for larger installations with a vapour recovery rate of 30 Kg an hour it is truly unbeatable performance with every feature and specification covered in the marketplace. While similar recovery units only offer minimum warranties or limited features, the XTR Altima includes them all in 16.3 kg of pure well thought out design.

If you or your company is looking to purchase a recovery unit to cover all scenarios and sizes of projects without sacrificing quality, the XTR range will have you covered.

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