UV Leak Detection: How to Detect Leaks with UV Dye

Seasoned engineers will ensure that they have a variety of tools on hand when carrying out an installation or repair because there’s never a tool that can be used in every instance when it comes to finding a leak.

It’s also important to ensure that they’re purchasing a reliable product that’s also cost-effective. As such, it’s important that you’re using a professional supplier, otherwise, you run the risk of using a product that may not carry out its role.

Those new to the industry may be wondering as to whether a UV dye kit is worth the investment, or whether another tool should be used instead.

The good news is that not only is UV leak detection a very quick way of locating leaks, it’s also very affordable.

Although there are instances where other tools may be needed, more and more engineers are finding that carrying of a UV kit when attending repairs and installations really helps in relation to productivity

What Is a UV Dye Kit?

As the name entails, a UV dye injection kit makes use of ultraviolet light to pinpoint problematic leaks within HVAC applications.

Once the dye has been injected into the system, leaks can be easily identified under UV light. As you would expect, this much faster and easier than having to carry out a series of checks using other means.

As well as ensuring you have UV liquid to hand, you also need to ensure that you have a professional injection kit, as this is how the dye will be injected in the system.

Using a UV Dye Injection Kit

Like any tool, the use of a UV dye injection kit is only beneficial when applied in the right way. So, if you feel its time for a refresher, or you’re new to the industry and want to clarify you’re using a UV dye injection kit in the right way then you may find the following pointers useful.

Injecting the Dye into the Application

As engineers will be relying on the UV light from the liquid being injected, they will need to ensure that the injection kit is in fully working order. If you’re unsure or purchasing a kit for the first time, then it makes sense to purchase from a seasoned professional, such as HVACTOOLS.

The Complete EZ-Ject Kit offers everything an engineer needs for a successful repair and ensures that the injection process is seamless.

Before the injection kit is used, it’s important to ensure that the application is turned off. This can seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget when contending with other aspects of a repair or installation, so it’s always worth checking.

Once the liquid has been injected, engineers need to ensure that any excess liquid is wiped away, otherwise, it could cause confusion when trying to locate the leak later.

Then, it’s a case of circulating the liquid through the system. Turn the application on and allow the dye to run through the system.

Once the dye has been circulated, the application needs to be inspected with a UV torch to determine the source of the leak.

If the leak isn’t prominent in the first instance, then you may need to shine the torch in more hidden areas to locate the leak. It’s also worth double-checking that more than one leak isn’t present.

How Long Will It Take for a UV Dye to Circulate?

When using a UV dye injection kit for the first time, one of the most commonly asked questions is how long it takes for the dye to circulate through the system. The size of the application will make a difference, but an estimation can be anything between 15 and 45 minutes.

Is There Any Additional Maintenance Required?

Once the dye has been injected into the system, there is nothing to do but wait for the liquid to circulate.

This is what makes the use of UV dye during repairs so popular, as it allows an engineer’s workload to be simplified.

What Happens to the Dye Once Injected?

Engineers new to the industry and customers may worry that the injection of dye will cause problems with the application, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The dye will look to works in partnership with the host fluid, meaning that customers and engineers can be reassured that following the repair, there will be no ramifications due to the use of dye.

Using an official product, such as WATER-GLO or BigEZ cartridges ensures that this is the case. Using an inferior product could mean an unsuccessful repair at best or a defective system at worst.

Overall, the UV dye injection process is a simple one, it’s simply a case of making some double-check and using the right equipment.

Why Use HVACTOOLS for Dye and Injection Kits

When buying any tool or product, it’s important that it’s designed to work efficiently. HVACTOOLS understands just how important it is to have access to reliable products and tools at all time, which is why it’s always ensuring that it has the latest additions to the HVAC industry.

If you’re currently searching for a dye injection kit or looking for other tools that allow for more productivity, then why not browse the extensive range on offer from HVACTOOLS.

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