Complete EZ-Ject™ Kit

SPECTROLINE OPK-40EZ/E HVAC/R Complete Leak Detection Kit

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Complete EZ-Ject™ Kit  #OPK-40EZ/E


Spectronics Corporation invented fluorescent leak detection in 1955, and remains the world’s leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent dyes. For small to medium sized systems the EZ-JECT system is ideal and will find system links down to 2 ml per year. Reduce your refrigerant loss and protect the environment these manufacturer* endorsed additives are reliable and easy to use.

Features the OPX-400 OPTIMAX™ 400 cordless, economy, LED leak detection flashlight!


  • EZ-50 EZ-Ject™ dye injector assembly
  • EZ-25 hose/coupler with check valve, low-loss and purge fittings
  • (2) EZ-4/E 0.5 oz (14.8 ml) universal/POE dye cartridges
  • (3) Drip plugs for hose/coupler
  • 8 oz (237 ml) spray bottle GLO-AWAY™ dye cleaner
  • Fluorescence-enhancing glasses and rugged carrying case


  1. Install the cartridge, then connect the injector hose to the system’s low-side service port. Turn the handle to inject the exact amount of dye required and let it circulate.
  2. Scan the system with a Spectroline® inspection torch. The precise location of all leaks will be shown by a bright, yellow-green glow.

HVAC EZ-Ject Dye Injection System

Weight3 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 100 cm

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