JAVAC EVO-OS Spark Proof R134A 1234FY Refrigerant Recovery Unit

High-Performance Automotive Refrigerant Recovery By JAVAC



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Introducing the Spark Proof JAVAC EVO-OS A2L automotive recovery pump, the online recovery machine with a built-in oil separator. Designed for the automotive field,  the EVO-OS features a fully integrated automatic liquid/vapour oil separator that strips incoming oil from the recovered refrigerant. This is particularly important for automotive and light commercial applications where recovered oil must be accurately measured and replenishes the system with fresh oil prior to recharge.

JAVAC is a long-standing Australian name, recognised for product excellence at national and international levels. A world-renowned brand of specialty tools for HVAC/R service, tube working, electrical, automotive and industrial applications.

Perfect for automotive technicians who want performance without sacrificing quality, manufactured in Australia every unit goes extensive thorough testing before being released for delivery.

R134A 1234YF Automotive Refrigerant Recovery Unit Features:

  • True dual-purpose spark-proof recovery for Automotive and freon recovery
  • Integrated oil separator
  • Fast and powerful refrigerant recovery
  • Liquid and vapour recovery
  • Lightweight design and robust carry case with handle
  • Turbo fan-forced cooling and built-in condenser
  • Built-in high pressure and Low-pressure gauge
  • Super quiet 240 volt AC compressor
  • Oil-free compressor
  • Automatic pressure shut off function with override
  • Easy to clean inlet filter
  •  ¼ SAE  connections that point down for additional safety
  • Designed for R1234yf  refrigerant, suitable for a whole range of CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s including 1234YF
  • Made in Australia.

R134A 1234YF Automotive Refrigerant Recovery Unit Includes:

1 x Brand New JAVAC EVO-OS 1234YF R134A Recovery Unit, 1 x 5 Meter Power Cable, 1 x Set of Operating Instructions and 1 x Full 12 Month Warranty Card.

R134A 1234YF Automotive Refrigerant Recovery Unit Specifications:

  • Liquid recovery rate:  1.6  Kg/min
  • Vapour recovery rate: 0.2 Kg/min
  • Push/pull rate:  4.5 Kg/min
  • Compressor:  1/2 HP compressor; AC motor drive
  • Power requirements: 220/240 Volt / 50 Hz
  • Power cable length: 500 cm
  • Working temperature: -5 °C  to 60°C
  • Dimensions: 420 mm x 290 mm x 420 mm
  • Unit Weight: 12.0 Kg
  • Country of Origin: Australia by JAVAC
  • Warranty: 12 Months.

How Does the Recovery Machine Work?

The refrigerant recovery machine became an industry standard when it was discovered that CFCs were depleting the ozone layer. It then became illegal to release any refrigerant back into the atmosphere and the recovery machine was quickly developed
When a recovery machine is connected to the service or manifold valves on the refrigeration or air conditioning system, it creates a vacuum and removes all the Freon out of the system, cleanses it through a filter dryer and stores it in a storage tank.   When the changes to the system are complete and after the system is free of air and moisture, the technician will look up the proper amount of charge required for the size system and set the machine to fill the vehicle will the exact charge of Freon.

What are the three different recovery methods?

1. Vapour Recovery:  With the vapour recovery method, the refrigerant is removed from the system in a vapour state. The vapour is then condensed into a liquid by the recovery unit and transferred to the recovery cylinder.
2. Push-pull recovery method: This is used for transferring large volumes of liquid refrigerant. When this happens, the recovery machine pulls vapour from the recovery cylinder and produces high-pressure discharge gas that pushes the liquid out of the refrigeration or air conditioning system and back into the recovery cylinder.
With the liquid recovery method, the refrigerant is transferred while still in the liquid state. Recovering liquid is ideal for recovering large amounts of refrigerant like refrigerant transfer, or if the system you are servicing will allow you to recover liquid.
3. Liquid recovery: Liquid recovery is the same process as vapour recovery. The only difference is that you will connect to the high side of the system.

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