The Bulldog

Engineers and manufacturers understand the importance of having tools that are designed to deal with leading refrigeration and air conditioning systems. JAVAC has years of experience in the field and has great products for technicians who need reliable proven tools.

For any refrigeration or HVAC/R service engineer, a vacuum pump is their most prized tool. There are many vacuum pumps on the market, that don’t always offer the required features a technician might require   With the move to lower GWP A2L/R32 gases its worth having a look at one of JAVAC’s more popular vacuum pumps, the Bulldog.

JAVAC Vacuum Pumps are some of the most reliable on the market and with their strong history in vacuum technology, the JAVAC Bulldog is no exception. While JAVAC range offers incredible value across a range of CAL, Bulldog and Vector Vacuum Pumps. If you are planning on vacuuming down bigger systems which might take longer than a few hours, potentially a couple of days. Designed specifically for larger systems and HVAC installations, including mildly flammable refrigerants or gases, the JAVAC Bulldogs is what you need.

The JAVAC Bulldog vacuum pump has been uniquely engineered to provide more complex vacuum requirements for HVAC/R service. The Bulldog is designed to force oil lubrication to the bearings and seals, enhancing the life of the vacuum pump while ensuring performance and reliability, meaning fewer callbacks. A gas ballast function allows condensable vapours (i.e water) to be discharged through the pump into the atmosphere instead of accumulating in oil reservoir – avoiding the need to empty the reservoir and eliminates contamination or spillages. With an ultimate vacuum of 15 micron and free air displacement 160 L/min the bulldog offers outstanding performance.

Other refrigeration engineer-focused features to look out for when selecting a vacuum pump include a built-in solenoid isolation valve which isolates on shut down or power failure, preventing loss of vacuum and eliminating oil returning or contamination, and therefore protecting the HVAC system and avoiding time-consuming problems.

The Bulldog features a dual-stage oil demister is another unique feature as these effectively filter oil mist, reducing pollution and oil consumption as well as preventing spillages, suitable for inside use including maintenance rooms.

The Bulldog is a unique vacuum pump that features an inbuilt oil demister which stops the oil vapour making it suitable for inside use including maintenance rooms. For larger installations, the inclusion of a solenoid isolation valve will prevent the loss of vacuum in the event of a power failure and the backflow of any oil.

Standard features include a ⅜” and 5/16” fittings and a 5-metre power cable and weighs only 12.5kg which is light enough to carry by hand to any job site. A further feature to avoid issues with high temperatures is an integrated motor that is high torque for low-temperature starts. With an ultimate vacuum rating of 15 microns, this is a heavy-duty vacuum pump that is very well designed by JAVAC.

With many technicians now preferring 3/8 or ¾ inch evacuation hoses, the 3/8 fitting on the JAVAC Bulldog will allow you to move to a larger evacuation kit or simply a larger evacuation hose for faster vacuum times.

This pump is so well designed it was a finalist at the UK 2018 RAC Cooling Industry Awards for the Product of the year. The bulldog is the refrigeration engineers vacuum pump of choice with a multitude of features and unbeatable quality.

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For larger installations or for evacuation times that exceed 1-2 days, then you will be impressed by the JAVAC Vector range of vacuum pumps that offer incredible value when needing to vacuum down larger systems.

By understanding the various features available in vacuum pumps specifically made for the refrigeration and air conditioning, engineers can work safely and efficiently without needing to purchase unnecessary tools.

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