Refrigeration Leak Causes Two Deaths

Two men died in a poultry processing factory in Norfolk, UK, after it’s believed there were overcome by fumes from a refrigerator gas leak.

The two men were believed to have been working near where a refrigeration gas leak occurred.

There has been no confirmation that a refrigerant leak was to blame, but it is thought that the factory employs an ammonia/glycol refrigeration system.

Obviously this is a terrible tragedy and highlights the need for safety in the refrigeration industry.

Some more information about the tragedy; it involved the largest employer in Norfolk called Banham Poultry UK. The factory employed approximately 2000 people.

Staff turned up in the morning to see the factory cordoned off by police with both police and fire engine vehicles parked outside and the usually full employ parking lot empty.

An employee of a nearby business said ‘All I know is I turned up at my shift in the morning and there were police and firefighters there.

‘No-one knows what happened but that place is always open, I’ve never seen such an empty car park.’

Another person said: ‘It is such a shock as it has happened on the same day they said they are going to sell.

‘When we saw TV cameras there we just thought it was due to the administration announcement.

sources : The Daily Mail and

Other accidents involving refrigerants

There have been a number of other accidents involving refrigeration gases recorded which is why it’s so important to follow every safety precaution.

There are 20 accidents, many of which involve fatalties, on the United States Department of Labour website involving freon gas alone.



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