Vector LD 5

Best In Class Laboratory Vacuum Pumps, Made In Australia

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Vector LD

For laboratory applications, Vector LD offers high performance with the safety of Automatic System Isolation (ASI) and 3 years warranty.

  • 5 x 10-4 mbar Ultimate Vacuum
  • 6 m3/hour
  • Automatic System Isolation (ASI)


Additional Product Information

Intelligent Safety

In the unexpected event of a power failure or shut down, the Automatic System Isolation (ASI) preserves the system vacuum. When the pump shuts down, a poppet valve is activated by the ambient air. ASI then isolates the system and vents the vacuum pump, preventing suck back and preserving the integrity of your vacuum environment.

Vector’s Tough

All models feature a continuously rated, heavy-duty motor with capacitor start/run. The durable aluminium electrical box includes an integrated circuit breaker with thermal overload protection. High quality materials give Vector improved resistance to corrosion whilst a magnetic sump plug ensures no ferrous contaminants can cause damage to the pump.

JAVAC VacPak® Vacuum Cartridge

The unique VacPak® cartridge contains all the working components in a single assembly. Vector’s VacPak® improves oil lubrication under arduous conditions and incorporates a higher capacity pressurised oil system, offering quieter operation at lower temperatures. As well as providing superior performance, VacPak® is also an economic method of repair or upgrade, allowing the cartridge to be removed and replaced in only minutes.

Designed for Life

Vector’s stylish casing is more than just an exciting new look. The design optimises oil temperatures, improves efficiency and prevents mechanical wear and tear, allowing Vector to run at its peak for longer. Reducing the wear also extends the life of the components, meaning Vector will be around long after its competitors have retired.

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