UT593 Multifunction Loop Tester

UT593 Multifunction Loop Tester by Uni-T

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Multifunction Loop Tester AC Voltage Insulation Resistance Loop/Line Impedance RCD


UT593 is a multifunction digital safety testing instrument, designed with combination of large-scale integrated analog & digital circuits and microprocessor chip. It measures RCD, line/loop impedance, continuity, insulation resistance, DC and AC voltage, phase sequence, featuring versatile functionality and  high accuracy. The instrument is widely used to measure RCD, insulation and  earth connections on electrical equipment, and is an ideal tool for testing, inspection and maintenance.

UT593 Multifunction Loop Tester Review:

A highly regarded and well liked multifunction testing unit that is reliable and suitable for professional use. This is one of Uni’T top selling testers and you will not be disappointed.


UT593 Multifunction Loop Tester Features:

9999-count LCD display with analogue bar
250V~1000V DC insulation resistance test
200mA earth-resistance continuity test
Loop impedance/Prospective Fault Current (PFC)/Prospective Short Current (PSC) test
Lock test
RCD trip time test and the data storage with one key
Full/Half wave and count downing (30s) test mode selectable
0°/180° phase angle option to detect the fastest trigger time
Trip current test of RCD trip time X2
RCD trip trigger current test
Phase sequence and missing test
AC/DC voltage auto check and test
Connection check with status real-time display
White backlight; auto power off
Heavy Duty Cary Case

In the UT593 box:

Standard Individual Packing : Carry case, batteries, test leads (red×1, green×1, black×1), special power test lead, remote-control test lead

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Multifunction Loop Tester Specifications:

SpecificationsRangeBest Accuracy
Model UT593
Insulation resistance (Ω)Output voltage250V/500V/1000V±10%
Short-circuit current<2mA
Low-resistance continuity testRange0.00Ω~199Ω±(2%+5)
Test current0.00~2Ω: >200mA
Line impedance (Ω)Range0.01Ω~2000Ω±(5%+5)
Operating voltage (Frequency)195V~440V (45Hz~65Hz)
Test current20A
PFC test0kA~26kA
Loop impedance (Ω)Range0.01Ω~2000Ω±(5%+5)
Operating voltage (Frequency)195V~253V (45Hz~65Hz)
Test current20A
PFC test0kA~26kA
Non-trip loop impedance (Ω)Range1.00Ω~2000Ω±(5%+5)
Operating voltage (Frequency)195V~253V (45Hz~65Hz)
Test current15mA
PFC test0kA~26kA
RCD testOperating voltage (Frequency)195V~253V (45Hz~65Hz)
Test current10mA/30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA±10%
Trip time×1/2 *I△n  Range: 0ms~2000ms±(5%+5)
×1 *I△n  Range: 0ms~300ms
×1 *I△n  Range: 0ms~500ms (Select count down)
×5 *I△n  Range: 0ms~40ms±(5%+5)
Phase sequence testOperating voltage (Frequency)100V~440V  (45Hz~65Hz)
DisplayPhase sequence: L1→ L2→ L3, forward rotation; L1→ L3→ L2 reverse rotation
Ramp RCD testTest current10mA/30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA±10%
AC voltage (V)Range0V~440V±(5%+2)
Frequency response45Hz~60Hz
Display count9999
Auto power off
Low battery indication
Data storage
LCD backlight
Auto half-wave test
RCD count down test30s
RCD half-wave test
Phase conversion (RCD)0° and 180°
General Characteristics
Power1.5V battery (5#) × 6
LCD size125mm × 37mm
Product colorRed and grey
Product net weight1000g
Product size210mm × 175mm × 90 mm
Standard accessoriesBattery, test leads (red×1, green×1, black×1), special power test lead, remote-control test lead
Standard individual packingGift box, manual, tool box