Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HV Refrigerant Analyzer

Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HV Refrigerant Analyzer

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Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HV Refrigerant Analyzer

The Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HV Refrigerant Analyzer can quickly identify and test the purity of common refrigerants. Contamination of a refrigerant system can lead to corrosion, elevated pressures, and even system failure. Yet the presence of air or substitute refrigerants in a system often hinders accurate testing and identification using traditional temperature-pressure methods. The Ultima ID overcomes these problems by using non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology to measure the weight concentrations of refrigerants in any given sample.

Refrigerants identified and analyzed by the Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HD are R12, R134A, R22, and hydrocarbons. For these the unit will provide a percentage breakdown of each gas contained in the sample. The Ultima ID also features Neutronics’ exclusive “Blend-ID” analytic software, which quickly and accurately indicates the presence of R410a blend refrigerant. If a refrigerant is identified as R134A, the percentage of air in the sample will also be listed.

The option of a built-in printer (Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HVP) allows the unit to instantly print the results of an analysis. This paper trail can prevent the costly mixing of cylinders or incorrect charging of a system. With the high cost of refrigerants, the extra cost of the printer can more than pay for itself in accidents prevented.

Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HV Refrigerant Analyzer Features:

  • Identify and test the purity of R12, R134A, and R22
  • Identify R410A
  • 60-second test time
  • Alarm for contaminated refrigerants
  • Optional built-in printer
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack.

Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HV Refrigerant Analyzer Includes: 

  • Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HV Refrigerant Identifier
  • 1/4” Flare Sampling Hose Assembly
  • AC Adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • With printer option: Built-in printer and 1 roll of paper.

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