JAVAC Air Conditioning Service Starter Pack For Automotive Refrigerant Recovery and Recharging ̵

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JAVAC’s AA Pack is an entry-level automotive charging station that packages high-quality refrigeration equipment with a custom trolley.

The automotive service tools package includes high-quality automotive service gear bundled together in a portable trolley offering you quality, convenience and affordability

What’s Included

  • Recovery unit with an oil separator (EVO-OS)
  • Two-stage oil rotary vane pump (CC45)
  • Highly accurate refrigerant charging scale (Procharge 100)
  • The best selling refrigerant leak detector (Tek-MATE)
  • 2 Valve R134a / R404 manifold Set
  • Service hoses and adaptors for R134a
  • Custom JAVAC trolley with a built-in tray
  • Please note: The gas bottle is not included.

With a full collection of JAVAC refrigeration tools and an ergonomic trolley, the AA is a complete, self-contained recovery and evacuation charging station.

With an EVO recovery machine and a JAVAC vacuum pump, you can recover and evacuate a vehicle’s air conditioning system, using the accurate digital scale and manifold to precisely recharge the system. The custom trolley allows these components to be operated together seamlessly and carried around with ease.

The included EVO-OS Recovery Machine is an ergonomically designed lightweight unit. It features a cool-to-touch case and porting that points down; not in your face. It also features a fully integrated automatic liquid/vapour oil separator that strips incoming oil from the recovered refrigerant. This is particularly important for automotive applications where recovered oil must be accurately measured and the system replenished with fresh oil prior to recharge.

The AA pack is an excellent entry level automotive charging station that packages some of the industry’s best refrigeration tools in a convenient package.

Full 12-month warranty.