IZI 7 Welding And Brazing Rods For Aluminium + Aluminium (30)

IZI 7 Is designed specifically for Aluminum to Aluminum brazing and welding

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SpinTools IZI 7 Brazing Rods are unique and revolutionary aluminium repair rod for making strong and permanent repairs to aluminium tubing and microchannel in real field conditions. It works great on fin-tube, spine fin and microchannel coil repairs on the high and low side of the system as well as rub out leaks in aluminium u-bends and feed tubes. Heat Exchangers and A/C parts benefit from IZI 7’s superior fluidity.

IZI 7 rods have a working temperature of 520 degrees Celcius making it easy to work with without damaging the aluminium. The IZI 7 flux is easy to apply and allows for a strong bond even in less than perfectly clean situations. The unique makeup of IZI 7 makes it perfect for patching leaks without drawing in too much material into the tubing and contaminating it. With a 30,000 PSI bond, the IZI 7 patch will hold up even in the harshest environments.

IZI 7 rods are available upon request in all the following quantities per pack  10, 30, or 285 (1kg).

Spin Tools are the flagship product from Cimport, a company operating in the Brazilian’s HVAC market for about 22 years that brings to market smart tools for HVAC-R professionals.

IZI 7 Welding And Brazing Rods Features:

  • IZI 7 Is designed specifically for Aluminum to Aluminum brazing and welding
  • Flux-cored rods, no additional flux is needed
  • Low melting point 430°C
  • Non-corrosive, non-acid and non-toxic flux inside the wire
  • No post-brazing cleaning required
  • For HVAC/R and automotive use
  • Resistant to trepidation
  • Low-temperature application for auto radiators & A/C tubes
  • Perfect for coils, repairs radiators, air conditioners and aluminium alloy condensers
  • Works with Propane, MAPP, MAP-PRO, and Oxy-Acetylene.

IZI 7 Welding And Brazing Rods Includes:

30 x IZI 7 Rods in Sealed Packaging.

IZI 7 Welding And Brazing Rods Specifications:

  • Working temperature: 520°C to 550°C (968°F to 1022°F)
  • Works on: Aluminum to Aluminum
  • Length: 50cm (20″)
  • Diameter:  0.3cm (1/8″)
  • Typical Composition: Aluminium, Silicon, Non-Corrosive Flux.

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