EZ-Ject™ Pack of 6 Replacement Cartridges

EZ-4/ECS (Box of Six)

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EZ-Ject™ Box of Six Replacement Cartridges for the Spectroline Fluorescent Dye Injector Kit.

The revolutionary way to add fluorescent dye into air conditioning and refrigeration systems — without the use of additional refrigerant! Just one connection, then turn the handle to inject the dye. No complicated hookups! Ideal for preventive maintenance programs and for multiple, small AC&R units.

  • Cost effective — Each disposable EZ-Ject™ dye cartridge treats up to 2 gallons (7.6 L) of lubricant or 25 lbs (11.3 kg) of refrigerant.
  • No pouring, no refrigerant, no spills — Prefilled EZ-Ject™ cartridges are clearly labeled with 14 calibrations so you’ll introduce exactly the right amount of dye every time! When the cartridge is empty, just throw it away. A new one connects in seconds.

BigEZ™ Replacement Cartridge  Note: All universal/POE dye cartridges are NSF Certified and registered to meet food-grade processing requirements for category codes HTX-2 and HX-2.

EZ-Ject™ Dye Cartridge Injection Chart