Compass Leak Detector

$899.99 + GST

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The Compass Refrigerant Leak Detector features a patented heated diode sensor, specifically designed for residential and commercial Air Conditioning leak detection application.

The Compass provides the optimal balance of features, function and value. This easy-to-use hand-held refrigerant leak detector delivers excellent sensitivity to all refrigerants, up to 0.15 oz/year.

Unlike some other leak detectors available on the market, this clever unit can pinpoint the leak source quickly through the high/low sensitivity adjustment; LED’s illuminate progressively to convey leak size and a water resistant filter protects the sensor from jobsite contaminants such as dust, dirt and oil.

Features at a Glance

– Patented heated diode sensor provides excellent sensitivity
– High/low sensitivity adjustment allows you to decrease sensitivity to pinpoint leak source
– Automatic background adjustment (“zeroing”) compensates for refrigerant build-up
– LEDs illuminate progressively to show leak size
– Operates on NiMH batteries or AC adapter
– Power indicator flashes when battery is low
– Water-resistant filter protects the sensor from moisture and contaminants
– Easy one-button operation
– Headphone jack (headphones sold separately)

Weight 2.0 kg