Acravac Plus Digital Vacuum Gauge

The latest Acravac portable digital vacuum gauge offers superior accuracy, a filter protected sensor and an extended battery life

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The latest Acravac portable digital vacuum gauge offers superior accuracy, a filter protected sensor and an extended battery life that provides higher job site productivity. It is a highly accurate digital gauge specifically designed to measure vacuum levels during industrial processes and while evacuating air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The Acravac Plus utilizes a proprietary Pirani sensor – the most accurate sensor in its class. Pirani sensors use the Thermal Conductivity Principle of vacuum measurement, they are more accurate and cover a wider range compared to conventional measuring technologies.

It has an easy to read digital display in microns, pascal and millibar. It displays the actual reading of the vacuum level throughout the entire evacuation process from atmosphere (760,000 microns) down to 1 micron, so a leak is immediately visible.

The Acravac Plus also has an automatic shut off and stores the last reading for easy retrieval upon start up.

The gauge incorporates several innovative features for unsurpassed performance. Like its predecessor, it uses a Pirani sensor for greater accuracy and the ability to measure the entire vacuum process, from atmosphere down to one micron. The user will know instantly if the connections are vacuum tight.

An industry first filter protects the sensor from oil and other contaminants for more accurate readings. Quick calibration allows the user to adjust the Acravac for slight variations in atmospheric pressure at the user’s specific geographic location to ensure greater accuracy.

Extended battery life offers up to 45 hours of use from just one 9 volt battery, that is three times the life of the previous Acravac. To maximise battery life, the Acravac shuts down after 60 minutes and saves the last reading for display upon the next start up

Features at a Glance:
• Starts measuring at the beginning of the evacuation cycle even at full atmosphere
• Light weight and compact design supplied in hard carry case
• Auto shut down • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• Competitively priced

Sensor Type: Pirani
Connector Type: Standard 1/4 inch male flare
Range Atmospheric to 1 micron
Controls On/Off Unit selection Calibration
Display Resolution: 1 micron increments 1 Pa increments 0.01 mbar increments
Display Digital display in: Microns, pascals & mbar
Accuracy: <2000 microns 5% >2000 microns 10%
Operating Environment: 0°C to 50°C Storage
Temperature: -10°C to 60°C
Maximum over-pressure: 150 psi (7.76X106 microns)
Battery: 9volt Battery Life 45 hours (continuous)
Auto Shut Off: After 60 minutes
Weight: 200g including battery
Manufacturers Warranty: 12 months

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