2 in 1 Fluorescent Dye With Sealant Solution

Stop leaks and guards against future deterioration. 2 in 1 benefit finds and seals leaks.

glo seal detect seal leaks

  • 2-in-1 premium dye with powerful sealant
  • Pinpoint micro-leaks with our exclusive,  OEM-Grade dye formula
  • Concentrated dye ensures all leaks are found
  • Sealant repairs hidden micro-leaks leaks and stops deterioration from the inside
  • Perfect for preventative maintenance – Scan the system to reveal new leaks
  • Works for you 24/7 – Continuous leak detection and ongoing sealing

gloseal infographic

Find & Fix Immediate Leaks

Use a UV Light to scan the system and find all leaks. The areas will glow brightly with GLO Seal™ concentrated dye.

Seal Difficult to Find Leaks

All internal micro-leak locations are pinpointed by GLO Seal™

24/7 Leak Detect + Ongoing Sealant

Have peace of mind as GLO Seal™ provides continual leak detection and on going sealing.

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