Factors to Consider When Searching for Refrigerant Recovery Machines

Very few engineers need reminding about how important it is to contain refrigerant, regardless of whether it’s for a motor vehicle or an air-conditioning unit.

However, just because we have access to a refrigerant recovery machine doesn’t mean it’s the best suited.

Refrigerant recovery machines can be used in different industries and be sourced from different suppliers, so some may not be as robust as others.

Whether you’re looking to update your current recovery machine, or you’re new to the industry and want a reliable refrigerant recovery machine from the start, it’s imperative that the right supplier is used.

This not only ensures that you’re purchasing a reliable machine, it also ensures that there is plenty of advice available should it be needed.

Is the Choice Available from a Reputable Brand?

Both small business and self-employed engineers will need to want to keep costs low, and that’s understandable.

However, it’s important to note that a refrigerant recovery machine should be considered as an investment and not a cost-cutting exercise.

If there is little information available regarding a refrigerant recovery machine, or there is a limited amount of choice, you may be best looking elsewhere.

It could also be problematic and costly when servicing the machine, as parts and filters could be rarer for unrecognised brands.

What Kind of Refrigerant Recovery Machine Do You Need?

The fact that engineers may need access to more than one type of refrigerant recovery machine reinforces the importance of using a reputable supplier.

or example, HVACTOOLS not only offers a vast choice of machines but also ensure that regardless of the refrigerant recovery machine, robustness and reliability come as standard.


When using a refrigerant recovery machine in the automotive industry, it’s important that oil is separated from the refrigerant.

The JAVAC EVO-OS A2L is built for engineers that work with automotive refrigerant and offers an integrated separator that makes light work of separating incoming oil from the refrigerant that’s been collected.

Powered by a 240-volt AC compressor and maintained by the included forced cooling, the lightweight JAVAC EVO-OS A2L ensures no refrigerant is released and allows you to be more productive.

As the name suggests, this recovery machine is designed to contend with A2L refrigerants that would be classed as mildly flammable.


The XTR ALTIMA A2L is often referred to as one of the fastest recovery machines on the market, which can be attributed to the twin head design.

Forced fan cooling fan ensures that the machine can be used in different conditions, even that of extreme weather.

The XTR can handle 216 kgs of liquid or 20 kgs of vapour in an hour and can be used to recover different types of refrigerant including R410A, R32 and R1234YF.


Some budgets can be lower than others, but that doesn’t mean that engineers and business should have to use lacklustre options when recovering refrigerant. This XTR ULTRA machine is designed with affordability in mind, without sacrificing on the quality.

Weighing a mere 8.4 kgs the XTR ULTRA is ideal for engineers dealing with small or medium-sized refrigeration and air-conditioning units.

Despite its low price-point, the XTR ULTRA is still able to offer an impressive recovery rate of 120 kg of liquid an hour.

Choosing the Correct Refrigerant Recovery Machine

As there are many scenarios in which a refrigerant recovery machine is used, it’s important to have the right tools for the right job. For example.

A smaller recovery machine may be able to be used on larger applications, but it’s likely the process will take much longer.

Similarly, engineers entering the industry for the first time need not spend a fortune on a machine if they’re only going to be dealing with small applications.

Can Anything Further be Done to Refine the Process

The vast number of refrigerant recovery machines showcase how effective they each are in separate scenarios.

However. It’s understandable that seasoned professionals are looking to streamline their current approach, and the use of a recycle kit can be a great way of doing this.

Those using XTR or EVO recovery machines can invest in the EVRR Recycle Kit that connects to the front of the machines and gives some assistance in the recycling of refrigerants.

It’s also vital that regardless of the recovery machine being used that regular maintenance is being carried out.

There are many instances where engineers will assume that their machine is defective, only to find that the inlet filter should have been changed some time back.

Ensuring that the inlet and discharge ports are protected and cleaned regularly is another important aspect of maintaining your machine.

Knowing what applications and environments the refrigerant recovery machine will be used on will help businesses and engineers garner a better idea of what kind of machine they will need to be purchased, and some may find that they need to invest in a couple of refrigerant machines.

If you’re new to the industry or simply looking for some advice as to what type of refrigerant recovery machine would be best suited to you moving forward, then why not contact us today, as we have several refrigerant recovery machines available, as well as other tools designed for the HVAC industry.

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