Accutools TruBlu Professional Evacuation Kit w/ Case 1

How to get the most out of the TruBlu Evacuation rig, quickly and safely achieve deep, dry and tight systems. TruBlu hoses are dedicated evacuation hoses and should never be used as refrigerant transport hoses or for positive pressure application. Oils used in refrigeration applications also have an affinity for moisture. Moreover, oil coating the […]

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gloseal seal uv dye

2 in 1 Fluorescent Dye With Sealant Solution Stop leaks and guards against future deterioration. 2 in 1 benefit finds and seals leaks. 2-in-1 premium dye with powerful sealant Pinpoint micro-leaks with our exclusive,  OEM-Grade dye formula Concentrated dye ensures all leaks are found Sealant repairs hidden micro-leaks leaks and stops deterioration from the inside


The table below can be used to convert between commonly used vacuum units: % Vacuum Torr (mm Mercury) Micron psia, (lb/in2 abs) Inches Mercury Absolute Inches Mercury Gauge kPa abs 0.0 760.0 760,000 14.7 29.92 0.00 101.4 1.3 750.0 750,000 14.5 29.5 0.42 99.9 1.9 735.6 735,600 14.2 28.9 1.02 97.7 7.9 700.0 700,000 13.5

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A digital vacuum gauge is an essential tool for every HVAC/R technician. It has the capability of measuring the closed system at each evacuation process and confirming that the system is sealed. While some micron vacuum gauges can read the atmosphere from 1 micron up to 760,000 microns with 5-10 micron resolution, nowadays most professionals

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Infrared thermometers are the most common tool used for non-contact temperature measurements.  Another common tool is thermal imagers which have wider and more sophisticated features. Infrared thermometers and thermal imagers are similar in the fact they both detect infrared radiation and turn it into a temperature reading. However, thermal imagers have several advantages compared to infrared thermometers.

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CD3930 Valve Core Removal Tool for 1/4 Inch SAE NZ  1

As a technician have you ever started vacuuming down your system and then discovered half-way through that you might have a problem with one or some of your fittings preventing you from getting good vacuum? A quality core removal tool should be part of every refrigeration technicians and AC installers tool kit. The core function

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Xtr Javac

For most HVAC/R professionals they will only carry one refrigerant recovery unit and if they choose carefully, that product should last them between 5-10 years, so it is worth doing some basic research first. With the move to flammable refrigerants, what needs to be considered is factors depending on who will be using it which


Javac Bulldog Vacuum In Progress 2 Pr 3

Engineers and manufacturers understand the importance of having tools that are designed to deal with leading refrigeration and air conditioning systems. JAVAC has years of experience in the field and has great products for technicians who need reliable proven tools. For any refrigeration or HVAC/R service engineer, a vacuum pump is their most prized tool.

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Very few engineers need reminding about how important it is to contain refrigerant, regardless of whether it’s for a motor vehicle or an air-conditioning unit. However, just because we have access to a refrigerant recovery machine doesn’t mean it’s the best suited. Refrigerant recovery machines can be used in different industries and be sourced from

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Refrigerant Recovery Safety

One of the most common roles of an engineer in the HVAC industry is refrigerant recovery. As some refrigerants have been found to have an impact on the environment, the rule surrounding how refrigerant is dealt with have become stricter. Engineers will be keen to ensure that they’re carrying out every aspect of their role

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A2l Refrigerants Hvac Industry

The use of air conditioning is nothing new. In fact, it has been one of the most reliable ways of maintaining a comfortable temperature for several years but that doesn’t mean things don’t change. Although the main principles of the air conditioning unit are the same, the refrigerant of choice is slowly changing. As a

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Hvac Refrigeration Leak Caused Two Deaths

Two men died in a poultry processing factory in Norfolk, UK, after it’s believed there were overcome by fumes from a refrigerator gas leak. The two men were believed to have been working near where a refrigeration gas leak occurred. There has been no confirmation that a refrigerant leak was to blame, but it is

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